About Us

At the core of our program is the training. Our unlimited evening classes continue to be the foundation of the MEA program. The classes are called unlimited because there is no restriction on the number of classes that you can attend or what order you take them in. 

TOLL Free LIVE Technical Support Hotline

No Dispatcher: We answer LIVE!

Another core program feature is the Tech Support Hotline, available (toll free) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Hotline is where we use many resources from factory information to aftermarket databases to our own database, to help you fix cars. If you have a problem car or just a question, give the Hotline a call . Built with years of Hotline, our Hotline is manned by our instructors who are also Tech-Truck technicians keeping their hands on the cars to maintain that "real world" aspect that makes our training a cut above the rest. Our totally FREE technical assistance Hotline and information fax service is your one source for 50 years of repair information from over 10 different technical information sources.